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30+ years experience

Meet The Team...

Mark Minson

Mark Minson is the Director of Minson Builders, a family business he has built alongside wife Sara-Jane.

A veteran of the building trade, Mark has lived in Hanmer Springs for many years, so he knows the local landscape intimately and the building trade inside out.

He is passionate about building… ever since he decided to become a builder at the tender age of 12 years old!

It’s all he has ever wanted to do and you’ll see this reflected in his work and the pride he takes in making your home look truly beautiful.

Mark has a vast array of building experience gained over 30 years in the business, with countless projects completed for private residential home owners as well as corporate clients, business owners and landlords.

Sara Jane Minson

Sara-Jane Minson not only runs her own beauty business in Hanmer where she is always in demand...

She also works behind the scenes keeping the building business operating smoothly.

With her years of experience working with colours as a beautician and make up artist, Sara-Jane is able to add value by helping clients who might be finding it difficult to make decisions on colours, designs and aesthetics.

Braden Maclean

We’re lucky to have Braden Maclean as a permanent member of our team. Braden comes from a family of builders and was trained in what we call in the trade the ‘Old School’ tradition, meaning that he went through a more thorough training than most.

Braden’s training and professional commitment have equipped him with a wide skill level.

He is highly gifted in joinery and finishing, and brings an attention to detail and level of craftsmanship you won’t find very often these days.